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Live Performance Video Live Productions are a bit "heavier" on the camera and lighting side - This four camera video shoot with Don Derby at 2602 Soundstage in Nashville, is a perfect example. For Don's executive showcase to the Nashville Music Industry executives, we brought a little more fire-power to the set. We had two chances to capture the performance (once in rehearsal and once before a live audience). Along with maintaining the highest standard of production quality, our other production goals included minimizing the number of times the band had to dress rehearse each song, and "getting it right the first (and only) time in front of the intended live audience. We achieved these and all other production goals for our client.
Right in the Heart of Nashville Digital Vineyard is located in the historic Berry Hill part of Nashville tucked in south of I-440 and east of I-65. Berry Hill was the perfect fit for Digital Vineyard for a hand full of reasons. First off its centralized location to the middle Tennessee area is critical, making us extremely accessible and flexible for our clients. Secondly we have an endless host of high tech and creative media neighbors. There are Recording and Mastering Studios within blocks as well as News Stations, and one of the nations leading LED Video Panel companies.
Cutting Edge Technology Customers are always looking to save money and anyone who knows ANYTHING about business knows that time equals money. We have taken this to heart as well as our clients concerns about money and have built out our technology info structure with this in mind. One of the most notorious time wasters is having to capture your video of film from tape format to a digital format. This can only be done in real time so for instance if you shot 12 hours of footage on a project someone will have to spend a minimum of 12 hours capturing the footage not to mention time for switching tapes, cataloging and correcting drop outs. We have eliminated this process by moving to Sony's XDCAM file based format.
Why HD and Why 5.1 Surround Sound? It’s not just for movies anymore! That’s right, High Definition and 5.1 surround sound are the broadcast standards… and there is a very good reason for both… CLARITY.

Surely you’ve noticed that when you go to a movie theater lately, you don’t have any trouble understanding what the actors are saying in the movie. Without getting all “technical” here, the reason is simple: SEPARATION. 5.1 Audio and 7.1 audio for movies have one thing in common

What We Do

At Digital Vineyard we are on the cutting edge of High Definition Video and Audio Production. We provide PROFESSIONAL video production, post production, audio engineering, 5.1 surround sound authoring, Blu-Ray and DVD authoring. Our focus is your focus and by doing so our clients receive a first class product delivered on time. Call us to discuss your next project at (615) 533-9906

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Digital Vineyard, Simply doing it BETTER

Digital Vineyard pulls from over 40 years in the video production industry. Officially organized in early 2009 we built the company on a couple very simple, very important principals. Do it better, do it faster, make it easy for your client and all at a competitive price. We feel that by doing so Digital Vineyard will be the last production company you will ever work with.

Digital Vineyard is not a video production company that is out to give you a quote and call it a day. Our goal is to create a relationship that will allow both parties to do what they do best and focus on creating a first class production. By consulting with our clients this allows them to outline their core concepts and tell us whats most important. This also allows us to help deliver their message in a creative way. All clients have a different idea of how involved they want to be in the creative process and by partnering with Digital Vineyard no matter what that idea is it will become a reality.

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